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Faces on Faith: Through the eyes of a child

November 30, 2016 The beautiful and glorious season of Advent (from the Latin word for “coming” ) is once more upon us and again, I rejoice that my religious heritage encourages me to immerse myself in the spiritual... more »»

Rotary Happenings: Fun facts about Iceland

November 30, 2016 Golly, everyone must have gotten the memo up north that the weather was changing and not in a good way. more »»

Shell Shocked: What do they know about Sanibel?

November 30, 2016 How well do you think Sanibel is known outside Sanibel? To find out, I conducted a personal “man on the street” interview on the streets of New York recently. more »»

Theater Notes: Courageous theater

November 30, 2016 The Laboratory Theater of Florida is where you find cutting edge and courageous theater. more »»

Living Sanibel: Sandwich and Forster’s tern

November 30, 2016 Sandwich tern (Sterna sandvicensis) Smaller than the royal tern, this bird is a far less common find than its larger cousin. more »»

In the Garden: Blue Porterweed

November 30, 2016 Blue Porterweed (Stachytarpheta cayennensis) is part of the Verbenaceae family. The bright green leaves have a quilt-like appearance and a toothed leaf margin. more »»

Poetic License: Jellyfish Float

November 30, 2016 I love the way Hollis nursed the light from the breast of her brush onto her canvas: She’s whipped me into a shake of aqua greens and blues laced with splashes of vanilla and tropical tapioca, a... more »»

Poetic License: Guzzling down the blues

November 23, 2016 I wake up each morning but can’t turn on the news, My coffee’s cold and bitter with the sore loser blues. more »»

Living Sanibel: Lizardfish and striped mojarra

November 23, 2016 Lizardfish (Synodus foetens) The lizardfish is an inshore, as well as nearshore species. Inshore it is seldom longer than a foot, whereas in deeper water it can grow to 18 inches or more. more »»

In the Garden: Foxtail palm

November 23, 2016 The foxtail palm (Wodyetia bifurcate) is the epitome of a true specimen palm. more »»

Theater Notes: Get ye to Gulfshore Playhouse

November 23, 2016 What a thrill it was to see the opening night of Gulfshore Playhouse’s brilliant production of “My Fair Lady.” On my critic’s scale of 1-10, this was an absolute 12. more »»

Faces on Faith: Transitions

November 23, 2016 My Biblical ancestors are often known, in English, as “Hebrews.” The Hebrew word is ivri. The meaning of that Hebrew word is to “traverse” or “cross over. more »»

Rotary Happenings: Rotary honors veterans

November 23, 2016 Sanibel-Captiva Rotary took time last Friday to honor our country’s Veterans. Greeting us at the door of the Dunes was a resplendent large wooded replica of Uncle Sam. more »»

Shell Shocked: Love walked in and brought my sunniest day

November 18, 2016 Please pardon my departure from my normal routine. This column isn’t humorous. In fact, it’s pretty serious. My wife died a year ago. It was sudden and unexpected. more »»

Living Sanibel: The blue-gray gnatcatcher and European starling

November 18, 2016 Blue-gray gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea) Sometimes called a miniature mockingbird, the blue-gray gnatcatcher is similar in coloration and, like the mockingbird, loves to mimic other bird songs. more »»

In the Garden: Lipstick palm: Dress up your palm garden

November 18, 2016 Plant subject: Lipstick palm (Cyrtostachys renda) The lipstick palm also known as red sealing wax palm or rajah is an ornamental palm. more »»

Poetic License: In english only

November 18, 2016 In English Only should one express Love for America and its succes. more »»

Faces on Faith: Thankful that America is great

November 18, 2016 As we head toward Thanksgiving, we as Americans have much for which to give thanks! While I know many are simply thankful the election is over, I am thankful we live in a land where we have the... more »»

Living Sanibel: The blue jay and northern cardinal are always a delight to see

November 10, 2016 Blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata) A member of the crow family, the blue jay is a fairly common sight on the island. more »»

On the Water: Wind, wind and even more wind!

November 10, 2016 To say the past week on the water was windy would be an understatement. more »»



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