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In the Garden: Beauty queen of the butterfly garden

November 29, 2017 With such an intriguing name, the golden dewdrop (Duranta erecta) sounds magical, and its beauty is a tell-tale sign for that. more »»

Shell Shocked: An ode to crankiness

November 22, 2017 I think flowers are overrated. Yes, they’re colorful and pleasant to look at. But think of all the work that goes into growing flowers. more »»

Living Sanibel: Lakes Regional Park

November 22, 2017 Amidst the pizzas, ice cream, hot dogs, and surrey rentals, a naturalist might be quick to dismiss Lakes Regional Park as more of a family recreational park than a place to commune with nature. more »»

In the Garden: Bald cypress: Sentinel of the swamp

November 22, 2017 The bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is a native deciduous conifer that plays a highly important ecological role in the Florida environment. more »»

On the Water: Warm days results in some good fishing

November 22, 2017 Warm weather continued through the week bringing anglers good fishing opportunities despite weekend winds that roughed up the waters. more »»

Faces on Faith: Many thanks

November 22, 2017 Recently I was confronted with my own ingratitude. I sensed a gentle prompting from the loving Spirit of God to create a “Thanksgivings” board. For 10 days I added 50 “thanksgivings” each mornin. more »»

Rotary Happenings: Human trafficking topic of Rotary Club meeting

November 22, 2017 Just below the surface of our global society lies a sinister network of human traffickers. People who prey on the most vulnerable for profit. more »»

Faces on Faith: Those who made a difference are still there

November 15, 2017 “This feeling of being loved and supported by the universe in general and by certain recognizable spirits in particular is bliss…The spirit of our helpers incarnates in us, making us more ourselves... more »»

Rotary Happenings: Cowboy Poetry highlight of Rotary meeting

November 15, 2017 Its been declared by our Sanibel-Captiva Rotary President Holli Martin, “that this Rotary year 2017-18, San-Cap Rotarians are going to have fun. more »»

City of Sanibel Vegetation Committee: Preventative pruning keeps homes and property borders from serious damage during severe storms

November 15, 2017 Nature doesn’t usually require pruning, individuals do it to keep their yard attractive and health. more »»

Shell Shocked: Boyhood friends

November 15, 2017 Once a year I get together with two boyhood friends. These are guys I’ve known since I was five-years-old. more »»

Living Sanibel: Venice Area Audubon Society Rookery

November 15, 2017 Considered one of Venice’s best-kept secrets, the Venice Area Audubon Society’s Rookery, or VAAS Rookery, is a very small island in the middle of an equally small lak. more »»

In the Garden: Lily of the Nile

November 15, 2017 The agapathus africanus, commonly called Lily of the Nile is native to South Africa. The name agapanthus is derived from the Greek word agape, meaning love, and anothos meaning flowe. more »»

Center Stage: Theatre Conspiracy’s ‘Seven Guitars’ impressive

November 15, 2017 August Wilson’s “Seven Guitars” is a tragi/comedy and the seventh of this author’s “American Century Cycle, which charts the African-American experience through each decade of the 20th century. more »»

Poetic License: Chanson Chartreuse

November 15, 2017 (A La Doctor Seuss) I cannot wear or drink chartreuse Because I’m gander and not goose, As color it is too abstruse Not green nor yellow is chartreuse. more »»

Shell Shocked: The birds and the bees

November 8, 2017 A dad is squirming and sweating. He’s dreaded this moment for a long time but knew that someday he’d have to deal with it. His son is seated across the kitchen table also squirming and sweating. more »»

In the Garden: Spider plant: Great house plant

November 8, 2017 The house plant Chlorophytum comosum, also known as the spider plant, is a highly durable and trusted indoor and outdoor species for south Florida. more »»

Rotary Happenings: ‘Classification Talks’ highlight of Rotary meeting

November 8, 2017 About a month ago, Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club President Holli Martin introduced a new featured part of our monthly club assemblies, classification talks. more »»

Faces on Faith: Will we accept God’s challenge?

November 8, 2017 The increasing frequency and ferocity of hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires and other natural disasters should convince all of us that we are not taking care of our environment as we should. more »»

Jacquemontia: the perfect native wildflower

November 8, 2017 The delicate-looking, but sturdy vine Jacquemontia pentanthos is about as close to the perfect plant as it comes. It is one of the showiest flowering vines suitable for cultivation in south Florida. more »»



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